When energy levels are low

It seems everyone is always tired these days. Mid way through a work day, you look around the office and it seems everyone is seeking out coffee, food, or smoke breaks to keep themselves going for the remainder of the day.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply maintain a level and consistent amount of energy throughout your day? Without needing a pick me up or a nap to keep you going? Wouldn’t it be nice to be full of energy after work so you can spend time with your family and be fully present or be energized enough to go for a hike? Wouldn’t you get more quality work done on your personal projects if work didn’t leave you drained and exhausted with only energy to lift the TV remote?

I used to be a victim of low energy levels mid work day and am 100% guilty of sitting down on the couch when I got home from work and not moving an inch until I would go to bed.

To combat low energy I would snack on food, chug down tons of caffeine and whine about how tired I was. I would come home and be miserable and seek out TV instead of putting time and effort into my passions and hobbies. I gained weight from the poor food choices I’d make out of convenience and my fitness levels dropped significantly because I wasn’t using my body.

My mind was foggy, my mood was grumpy, my work was sub-par, my relationships were mediocre, my life was simply not the life I wanted.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Since, I’ve made significant changes in my life and now, at the end of the day, I crash and sleep so well because I fill my days with things that fulfill me! I work on my personal development, I work on my at-home business, I work a full time job, I exercise every day, and when Greg is home we go on adventures and spend quality time together.

Now I am exhausted because I am living my life!

So how do you combat the low energy fiend and take back your life?

Replace caffeine and sugary drinks for water

Ashleigh, how dare you!?

In my defense, I am an avid fan of coffee and all of its benefits. But, I am also wary of it’s side effects and how it can impact our energy levels.

I’m not saying do away with coffee 100%, I am saying, reduce your intake from 3 - 6 cups a day, to two cups a day. I’m not saying go cold turkey, and remove all sugary drinks at once, I’m saying - drink one less today and replace it with water.

Small incremental changes over a long period of time make more of an impact on our lives because we don’t feel the loss of the thing we are changing.

Make small manageable changes, and continue to reduce the amount of sugary drinks (or aspartame drinks) and caffeinated beverages over time. Listen to your body and figure out what level of caffeine is okay for you, some people can handle three cups and others only one.

I am one of the unfortunate souls that really should only have 1 MAYBE 2 cups a day, I used to drink 7 … that’s right SEVEN! I never slept and no wonder I was an anxious little ball of fun!

Get 7.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep (or your equivalent of 7.5)

Your sleep cycle is 90 minutes long, 7.5 hours is 5 cycles of sleep. But make sure you are getting actual SLEEP. Turn your electronics off 1 hour before bed, create a consistent bedtime routine, keep your bedroom temperature low and comfortable. Don’t snooze the alarm better yet, try to wake up naturally without an alarm if possible.

We are all bio-individuals. Some of us require more sleep and some less. Pay attention to your body and how you feel with certain levels of sleep. Sometimes too much sleep can make you yawn all day!

By now we should all be aware of the impact that blue light from computer and phone screens can have on our sleep. However, I know how hard it is to put your phone down or to force yourself to not reply to that last email. My glasses are for my vision, but they also have blue light blocking!

You can get blue light blocking glasses that don’t have a subscription on amazon for roughly $20. Here is a link for my American friends to a pair of blue light blockers.

And a link for my Canadian friends!

In the essence of full transparency, these are affiliate links and I do make a commission on any purchase made.

Reduce your stress!

Stress in today’s modern world is becoming more of a chronic problem rather than a short spurt of adrenaline aimed to save our lives when a lion is chasing us.

Family issues, work drama, insecurity, financial problems - they all lead to a prolonged stress response! That prolonged response can deplete the nutrients you need to create energy, such as the B vitamins and magnesium.

While you combat your stress issues and learn how to relax, take B vitamins and magnesium supplements!

I take B12 every day and it helps my stay focused and energized.

However, do not rely on vitamins alone. When you begin to feel stressed do something physical. Go to the gym, go sprint down your street, do some push-ups. Your body wants to use that stress towards a physical task - ie running away from the lion.

Your body doesn’t know that you are stressed out because you got a bill in the mail that you can’t pay, your body thinks you are stressed out because you are about to become someone’s next meal. So respond as if you are.

Bonus, sprinting down your street is great exercise too!

Energy levels will rule you, if you have none you will stay stuck where you are and never find the power to change. Energy is the foundation of your new lifestyle. So cut back on the sugar and caffeine, get a good sleep, and run the stress away.

Once you have your energy back, you will be amazed at the change that you can create in your life!

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