What is your intention for your life?

What is your intention for your life?

Seriously, think about it.

You are not on this earth to go to work, make money, buy stuff, watch tv, lose weight, gain weight and repeat.

Whatever you believe, a higher power, karma, reincarnation, nothing. Whether you think you’re here for a purpose or not, aim to live a life of intention.

I see my loved ones looking unhappy, glued to a phone screen, tv always on, sad eyes, and working towards…. What? They don’t know.

What is the point of working if you aren’t planning on living too?

I have no idea if this blog will ever take off, I have no idea if anyone will ever read this post, I have no idea if my words, thoughts or ideas will ever really change someone's life.

But I know that my intention is to show up here, write every day, find MY voice, and share so that I can maybe impact another soul on this planet.

My fiancé and I have decided we don’t want to sleep through life anymore.

Both of us have fantasized about how cool it would be to live more self-sustainably. Providing for our family most of the things we need to thrive, live in nature, care for creatures, knowing where our food comes from, and being independent from the systems that control our world.

We aim to be as independent as possible so we don’t work to live. We desire to find work that makes us happy, that brings us joy and satisfaction. We don’t want to work because we HAVE to, we want to work because we WANT to.

Instead of just dreaming of this, we are taking steps to buy a piece of land where we can do just that.

We want to live a life full of purpose.

It drives us. It excites us. It enables us to be happy.

So, I ask again, what is your intention for your life?

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