There is literally no reason why you can't follow your dreams...

We live in a world where opportunity is literally everywhere and I’m pretty sure most of us are aware of this, but we rarely ever take advantage of those opportunities.

Like, 10 years ago, blogging was not as easy as it is today.

I remember my first ever website, I had to learn how to code and connect all the systems together and it was so complicated that I just gave up.

Today, I literally use one app for everything and I don’t have to learn 100 new skills just to have a blog.

I get to open the app, write, and publish. Voila my thoughts are out into the world.

Do people read my blog, no, not really.

Do I care, no, not really.

I’m taking advantage of an opportunity that I have thought about forever.

Why do we do that? Dream up something we want to do, have all the opportunities right in front of us do it, then never do it.

Because tomorrow will always be there.

But you need to realize that tomorrow doesn’t actually exist.

There is only now.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Enjoy your turkey.

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