How can I leave the world a better place?

How can I leave the world a better place?

I used to ask myself this question often. Then I stopped.

I stopped because I became jaded, I became bitter, I became defensive. I closed myself off to the world and began to hide. I became selfish in my intentions, everything I started to do stemmed from how I could make MY life better.

That’s when things started to get harder for me too. I began to see the world through a lens of negativity, fear, and shame. I lost those rose coloured glasses and hope.

Age does this to us, we start out fresh and clean and as life happens to us, we change.

But we get to DECIDE how we want to act within this world.

I could continue being selfish, acting based on selfish wants, behaving from a guarded and fake place.


I can start to ask myself, ‘how can I leave the world a better place, today?’.

And just see what happens.

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