An interesting and short observation

You know what I find ironic. I will write a written post, full of my authentic feelings and thoughts that may actually instigate or move someone to change something about their lives - and there is little to no engagement on that post.

I can post a selfie saying ‘New Hair! Yay’ and I get triple the amount of engagement.

What does that say about our world and where we place value as humans.

We are all so lazy, that reading a longer post is not worth our time or attention. But a photo of a smiling face and a short caption we get excited over and engage with.

It’s an interesting observation.

I wonder what it would take to change this? I wonder if it will ever change? I wonder why that’s how we consume media?

Is it truly a reflection on society, or is it a reflection on me and what I am saying. Maybe people don’t trust me enough to read what I have to say. Perhaps I need to earn that trust.

I don’t know. But for now, it surely is an interesting thing to notice.

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